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Welcome to our place - Welcome to Santorini

Dreaming of a charming and hospitable holiday haven to spend your holidays in Santorini? You've come to the right place! ψομε αν Spend an absolutely fantastic holiday at the welcoming environment of "RENA".

kostas Antonatos Kostas - Owner

The "RENA" has got amazing and panoramic sea view and you can admire the amazing sunsets from the terrace or the patio. The most important is that you can swim to the crystal clean waters which are right next to our rooms.

Antonatou Tzina - Owner

Santorini - Events

Most of the annual events on Santorini are religious festivals honouring different saints or all saints. These occasions are marked with lively festivities, usually including lots of great food, wine and entertainment. Many of the oldest festivals are celebrated in the historic village of Akrotiri. Visitors are always welcomed with open arms.



New Year's Eve and Day: plenty of noisy feasting and partying across Santorini.


Feast of Ipapandi: held at the beginning of February in the towns of Thinikia and Oia, where the locals hold a feast and celebration.

March / April

Greek Orthodox Easter: calculated via the lunar calendar, but usually falling on a different weekend than Catholic Easter, this holiday can be in March or April, depending on the year. Most businesses on the island shut down over this important holiday and there are many different kinds of festivities.


Feast of Agios Epifanios: an ancient Akrotiri religious festival held in mid-May.

Feast of Agios Theodosia:
a religious festival celebrated toward the end of May in Thira.


Feast of Agios Anagiri: held at the beginning of July in the town of Megalochori.

Santorini Jazz Festival: a fantastic event that has grown in stature each year, the festival attracts large crowds and some of the world's best jazz musicians. The festival is held on the beach at Kamari. Website: http://www.jazzfestival.gr/

Feast of the Prophet Ilias: held in Thira in mid-July, this religious festival celebrates Elijah.

Feast of Agios Ioannis: one of Santorini's more important religious festivals is held toward the end of July, where guests are treated to olives, fava, bread and wine.


Feast of the Saviour's Metamorphosis: held in Akrotiri at the beginning of the month.

Feast of the Virgin Mary: another Akrotiri religious festival, held around the middle of August.

Feast of Panagia Episkopis: perhaps the most important of all Santorini religious festivals and the largest of the All Saints days, this celebration is held in the middle of August and features lively feasting, drinking and partying.

Feast of Dormation of the Virgin Mary: held in the middle of the month in Megalochori.

Feast of Agios Ioannis: this religious festival has locals dancing and drinking to the tune of traditional instruments. It's held at the end of August in Perissa.


Feast of Panagia Giatrena: held at the end of September on Thirassia.

Feast of Panagia Mirtidiotissa: celebrated in Kamari at the end of September.


Feast of Agios Averkios: a favourite festival of locals and visitors alike, this event is held in honour of Agios Averkios, the patron saint of wine. Everyone is expected to get rollicking drunk on local wine in the village of Emborio.


Christmas Day: along with Easter, Christmas is one most important religious holidays in the year on Santorini and celebrated in a variety of ways, from quiet family gatherings to loud boisterous parties.


Source: hoteltravel.com


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